DCA: Dollar-Cost Averaging

What is DCA? DCA is an investment method that consists of buying assets (like cryptocurrencies) at regular prices and at regular times, rather than a single transaction. This helps reduce the impact of price fluctuations on the overall investment and can help investors feel more comfortable. This is a popular method for investors looking to smooth their investment in order to protect themselves as much as possible from declines and take full advantage of increases! How does the DCA work? The DCA method works by buying assets at regular prices and times rather than in a single transaction. For example, if you want to invest €1000 in Bitcoin, you can decide to buy them in several transactions of €200 each day, week or month, rather than all at once. This means that if the price of Bitcoin increases after your first trade, you will have purchased your tokens at a lower price in subsequent trades. If the price of Bitcoin drops after your first trade, you will have bought your coins at a higher price in subsequent trades. How to set up a DCA? There are several online services/apps that allow you to set up a DCA. BITGEN is one of these apps: Step1: Open an user account Step2: Select your crypto currency Step3: Setting up DCA Step4: Your savings are in place and accessible from your dashboard ! BITGEN: Discover DCA offers